The Drill Down 025A – RevoltNation, Part 1: The Issue at Hand

Social bookmarking site recently made adjustments to their promotion algorithm that had the net effect of making it exceedingly difficult for frequent and popular submitters to get quality content to the front page of the site. Concerned that these changes would lock out their submissions and effectively kill the incentive to participate in the community, a core group of submitters, represented here by Digg users Andy, Mu, Reg, and David Cohn collected all their major grievances against Digg and issued them in a statement. In part 1, we discuss those grievances, and what we expect from Digg in response. In part 2, Jay Adelson & Kevin Rose, founders & operators of Digg, address those concerns.
(Apologies for the poor audio quality of this weeks’ episode. Major technical issues!)

Show links:
Digg: New Algorithm Changes
The Digg Community’s Concerns With Digg
New Digg algorithm angers the social masses

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