The Drill Down 022 – The Best of 2007: Gotta Digg!

Join Andy, Mu & Reg as they ring in the new year by recalling their picks for the best tech, internet & science events of 2007. Then they’re joined by very special guest Kina Grannis (“Gotta Digg!”), who folk-rocks the house with her sweet musical stylings.

Top 10 in Tech, Science & Internet
1. Apple iPhone
2. Stem Cells from skin cells
3. One Laptop Per Child
4. Writer’s Guild Strike (Digital Download Residuals)
5. Al Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize/ increased awareness of Climate Change
6. Facebook’s Beacon Infuriates users
7. The rise of Grassroots Politics on the Net
8. Increase of taser abuse by law enforcement
9. RIAA vs. Jammie Thomas
10. Top Viral Videos 2007

Dramatic Look
Chocolate Rain
Leave Britney Alone!
The Landlord
Miss South Carolina 2007
Daft Hands
“Thriller” dance performed by Philipino prisoners
2 Girls, 1 Cup reactions
Gotta Digg!

kina grannis dot com
PUT KINA IN The Super Bowl!

2 thoughts on “The Drill Down 022 – The Best of 2007: Gotta Digg!

  1. Nice show, great job getting Kina on the show! Best of luck to her. I replayed the part where her sisters shout out their usernames many times but I still couldn’t make it out. Make the call to get Kina’s username active and fixed too haha.

  2. You know, even though I learned that Kina would be on the show prior (on Pownce), I was still surprised when she came on. Good job guys. 🙂

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