Drill Bits 015 – All Growed Up

Andy, Reg & Mu discuss some more of the Lightning Round stories that got cut for time in The Drill Down Show 015.

Show Links
3 launches new Skype mobile phone
Skype Crashes on launch in 10.5 Leopard
Gmail 2.0 Screenshots

3 thoughts on “Drill Bits 015 – All Growed Up

  1. Hahahah thanks for the shout out 🙂

    Yeah, I hit the algo ‘block’ before Verge did a few weeks back … it sure comes up on you fast! And to think, not so long ago Verge and I were n00bz ::sigh::

    Thanks guys, and keep up the good works here and on the Diggz

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  3. … rumors on the internets hinted of a growth curve in dd subscriptions directly correlating with the mention of the two above diggers.
    well… ok. i might’ve written that.
    good show, gentleman. thanks for shouts.

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