The Drill Down 012 – Q & A With Social News’ Top Submitters

Wired Magazine & columnist (and top Digg & Propeller submitter himself) David Cohn turns the tables on Andy, Mu & Reg as he asks them the social news questions you wanted answered in this 75-minute Q & A interview. What secret weapons do they use to submit? What’s their stance on gaming the systems? Where do they think Social News is headed? Listen & find out!

Show Links:

Digg This by David Cohn
What questions do you have for Social News’ Top Submitters?
Digg – Ask the Top Diggers a Question – comments
Ask the Top Diggers a Question
Urban Dictionary: Don’t Hate The Playa, Hate The Game

The Drill Down website
The Drill Down Facebook Group

Andrew Sorcini on

Reg ‘Zaibatsu’ on

Muhammad Saleem:

David Cohn
NewAssignment.Net | an experiment in open-source reporting

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10 thoughts on “The Drill Down 012 – Q & A With Social News’ Top Submitters

  1. Excellent stuff, Glen I thought he said Ass Slap. Is there something we should know 😉

    Really enjoyed it guys. It raised very interesting issues. I think it needed that length to really address the gritty bits of what social bookmarking is all about.

    More please.

  2. Glen Allsopp — please accept my apologies for butchering your last name.

    Hope you enjoyed the show though. I thought it came out very well.

  3. i don’t think customizing digg for other demographic users will work. trying to make digg everything for everybody will cause the demise of digg, as it will spread digg too thin. and, yes, mu, i agree that most knitters will not go to to network with other knitters; a small percentage will, nonetheless, but the cost of catering to a small marketshare will fall under the loss column for digg’s accountants. the most successful companies kept market share by focussing on their demographic; they sell most of what always got them successful:
    coca cola sells mostly coca cola; not new coke, or coke zero, cherry coke or even diet coke. i for one never see anybody buying water at starbucks or picking up a steel cup. most companies do try to be everything to everybody, but ultimately fail and some lose their leading position as a consequence.

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