The Drill Down 007 – The Death of TV, NBC vs. iTunes

Andy Reg & Mu discuss lost iPhone revenue, the predicted death of TV, NBC snubbing iTunes, New changes at & boing boing, plus…Shaolin monks vs. Ninjas? Ninja, please!

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Show links:
why apple also doesn’t want the iphone unlocked
TV is dying, says Google expert
Apple responds: NBC wanted $4.99 per TV show episode!
NBU hopes Hulu and Amazon will mean it doesn’t need iTunes
New Digg Home Page Live Today
digg interface updated – here’s what’s new and noteworthy
Welcome to the new Boing Boing!

BitTorrent Continues to Dominate Internet Traffic

Movie biz obsesses about pirates even as it plunders box office booty

Shaolin monks deny online tale of ninja that bested them, demand apology
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