The Drill Down 005 – Racism Online / Wikipedia Scanner

On this week’s show, Andy, Mu & Reg discuss racism and hate groups on the net (and off), the Wikipedia Scanner, Facebook’s leaks, Skype’s outage…and the 20% chance we’re living in the Matrix.

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Show Links

Loren Feldman – Where are the Black Tech Bloggers?:

Elder Hate Groups on Facebook:

Wired Article on Wikipedia Scanner:

Wkipedia Scanner

Facebook code leaked, and subsequent DMCA takedown:

Facebook Secrets blog (taken down):

Skype outage:

NYT Article: “Our Lives, Controlled From Some Guy’s Couch”:
Andrew Sorcini on

Reg ‘Zaibatsu’ on 

Muhammad Saleem:

Music (Courtesy Podsafe Music Network):

Intro: Pl@stic Soul – “005-1 Electric Guitar”

Outro: Freightrain Jones – “Pervs and Pornos”

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